About Us                                  About our Owners

After over ten years in the 3rd Street location it became clear students and families were asking for more classes and training opportunities than could fit under one roof.  Sophie Pierce and Brandi Krieger dreamt up a spin off a studio called Studio B by Sophie Dance which was inspired by the style of dance studio Brandi herself grew up and trained in back in Michigan.  


Brandi and Sophie are beyond excited to have this additional studio to host our Competition Teams as well as plenty of classes for those dancers passionate about dance technique.  This space will focus on growth of dance in a team environment. Helping your dancer not only grow in their dance training but in confidence, teamwork, and work ethic.

We love our Dance family here at Studio B and want to provide dance competition in an encouraging environment. Free from the over pageantry, allowing our dancers to perform in age appropriate costumes and focusing on the art and creativity of dance. We also want to give realistic time commitment options for families who do more than dance. But, still train hard and compete confidently. Our team of coaches, teachers and choreographers is top notch!



Sophie Pierce has called Los Angeles home for thirteen years.  She grew up in New York and gradated from Ithaca College with a degree in Drama and minors in both dance and sociology.  She is passionate about dance, dance education and building the self esteem of young children through developmentally appropriate expectations and love.  Sophie grew up in a non competitive dance school and has owned Sophie Dance for ten years and Sophie Dance Atwater for two.  Sophie lives in Silverlake with her husband, three daughters and three dogs.  She is also a contributor for the site mom.me.  Taking on this next chapter she has been called to do is thrilling!


Has been dancing professionally since she was 19, Disney World  was her first stop. Then on to many more dancing opportunities including dancing for our troops in Iraq, as a back up for Kaya Jones. But her passion for teaching has always taken center stage from the time she was teaching gymnastics in high school. Also after gaining a degree in fashion at the Ft. Lauderdale Art Institute she hopes to add costume making to our curriculum. With a huge background in yoga and fitness that's always a priority in her classes, Brandi's Bootcamp! Strength, Flexibility, Discipline, and Confidence are all vital not just in Dance but in Life.