Our Studio B teachers are teaching classes LIVE, don't miss the fun!

Understanding the schedule:

*I have included recommended classes in the parenthesis. Meaning the classes in the parenthesis are classes that were going on before quarantine that I suggest taking that class. Regardless if they were in it before or not. 

*Songs in quotation marks are the dances that class will be working on towards an optional "Virtual Recital" or something to the like, the last weekend of May. Regardless of participation, it's still going to be a class filled with technique and skills and only working on that dance for the last 15-20 mins. So good for everyone.

*Classes that just say TECHNIQUE will not do combos or dances and just strictly work on technique.

*SD before a class means these classes were going on at Sophie Dance, everything else are Studio B Classes. Junior Cmpy is SD Wednesday 4:30, Cmpy 1 is SD Wednesday 5:30 and Cmpy 2 is SD Wednesday 6:30.

*Competition Team members have their core 3 classes that are attached and highly recommended. Please, try to fulfill these requirements and add on as many extra classes as your dancers schedule permits.

Studio B Schedule April 1-May 29, 2020
Beginner Ages 7-9 Intermediate Ages 10-11 Advanced Ages 12+



3-4 Beginner Acro- Miss B Ages 7-9 (Wednesday 3:30) TECHNIQUE

4-5 Beginner-Intermediate Jazz- Miss B Ages 9-11 (Monday 3:30, New-B and B-Tween, SD Junior Cmpy) “Come Fly With Me”

5-6 Intermediate-Advanced Ballet- Miss Annie Ages 11-18 (Junior, Senior, B-Yond, SD Cmpy 1 and 2) TECHNIQUE

6-7 Advanced Contemporary- Miss Annie Ages 12+ (Junior, Senior, B-Yond, SD Cmpy 1 and 2) “Do You”


3-4 Beginner Hip Hop- Miss B Ages 7-9 (New B, B-Tween, SD Junior and Cmpy 1) “Just Dance” (SD Tues. 6:30) and “Don’t Start Now” (SD Sat. 11am)

4:00-5:00 Beg-Intermediate Contemporary- Miss Julie Ages 9-11 (New-B, B-Tween, SD Junior and Cmpy 1) “Ocean Eyes”

5-5:30 B-tween Team Meeting Miss B/Julie (B-TWEEN MEMBERS) “Paris Popstars” and “New York”

5:30-6:30 Advanced Hip Hop- Miss Julie Ages 12+ (Senior, B-Yond, Tues. 7pm, SD Cmpy 2) “This is America”

6:30-7:30 Advanced Jazz/Improv- Miss Monika Ages Ages 11-18 (Senior, B-Yond, SD Tues 6:30 Jazz, SD Cmpy 2) “Bigger”


3-4 Beginner Ballet- Miss Annie Ages 7-9 (New-B, SD Junior and Cmpy 1, SD Tues. 5:30 Ballet) TECHNIQUE

4-5 Acro Training- Miss B Ages 9+ (Mon. 5:30pm and Wed. 4:30pm) TECHNIQUE

5-5:30 New-B Meeting Miss Annie (NEW-B MEMBERS) “Lean On” 

5:30-6:30 Intermediate Contemporary Ballet- Miss Annie Ages 9-11 (New-B, B-Tween, Junior, SD Cmpy 1) “Crying on the Bathroom Floor”

6:30-7:30 Advanced Jazz Technique- Miss Julie Ages 11-18 (Junior, Senior, and B-Yond) “Vogue”

7:30-8:00 Senior Team Meeting Miss Julie (SENIOR MEMBERS) "OG Bobby"


3:30-4:00 Junior Small Group Training (CLOSED FOR JUNIOR SMALL GROUP) “Apologize”

4:00-4:30 Junior Meeting- Miss Julie (CLOSED FOR JUNIOR MEMBERS) “Puppet Master”

4:30-5:30 Intermediate Jazz- Miss B Ages 10-11 (B-Tween, Junior, Senior, Company 1/2) “Pop Divas”

5:30-6:30 Intermediate Hip Hop- Miss Julie Ages 10-11 (SD Monday 5:30, New-B, B-Tween, Junior, and SD Company 1) TECHNIQUE

6:30-7:30 Advance Contemporary- Miss Julie Ages 11-18 (Senior, B-Yond, and SD Company 2) "Flight 22"

7:30-8:00 B-Yond Meeting Miss Julie (B-YOND MEMBERS) “Rule the World”


4-5 Open Level Ballet Mr. Juan- Ages 9+ (Saturday 12pm, All Competition and Company Classes) TECHNIQUE

5-6 Open Level Hip Hop Mr. Juan- Ages 9+ (Saturday 11am, All Competition and Company Classes) “Decades”



12-12:30 CLOSED FOR SENIOR SMALL GROUP ‘American Beauty”


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Ample Street Parking Available and Required




4 Week Sessions :

June 8 - July 2

July 6 - Aug 1

Aug 3 - Aug 29


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