Class Descriptions

JAZZ - Beginner, Jazz 1, and Jazz 2

Starting from the the basics of parallel turns, high kicks, leaps and jazz walks these technical classes will build a strong foundation. It's not just jazz hands but performance quality and high energy movement. Some classes will incorporate Musical Theatre choreography, make me a star Mr. Producer! These classes will be assessed for level change.

ACRO Dance and Tricks -

All levels, building on our own individual skill set and incorporating that into dance. High emphasis on flexibility, strength, and specialized tricks used in dance choreography.

Boys -
Hip Hop Basics with freestyle and choreography. This class will keep them moving and incorporate tumbling and basic break dancing skills.
Technique 1 and 2 -
Focusing on the basics of hip hop foundations and choreography, breaking it down to the fundamentals. Incorporating different hip hop styles like dancehall, street jazz, locking, well as conditioning and serving up some dynamic and fun choreo. These classes will be assessed for level change.
Levels 1 and 2 -
SLOW HITS HARD with a BOOM BOOM KACK. Changing up the pace and styles of hip hop from sassy fun Britney, slow jams, and hard hitting beats. This class will teach the fundamentals but also a lot of fun. These classes will be assessed for level change.

This is by invitation and/or audition only. Previous dance experience is required, preferably in technique classes at Studio B and/or company classes at the 3rd street location. Please contact for more information.l

CONTEMPORARY - Level 1 and 2

When athletics and ballet technique meet a beautiful form of dance is created. Combining the A, B, Cs of ballet with lots of flexibility and strength this class will be challenging and creativly driven. Incorporating improve and expressive dancing.

BALLET - Beginner, Level 1, and 2

It all begins with ballet. Learn proper technique, terminology, and etiquette. DOUBLE PIROUETTES, TIGHT SOUS-SUS, DEEP PLIÉS, CLEAN ARMS, AND FOUNDATION. These classes will be assessed for level change.


Beginner and Intermediate

In this gymnastics class for dancers you will learn gymnastics skills such as rolls, walkovers, handsprings and aerials using safe gymnastics progressions with proper gymnastics technique. We will have fun incorporating these new skills into fun dance combos. These classes will be assessed for level change.


All children deserve the chance to explore their creative side. Our class will allow students to engage in activities that enhance social skills, memory, and spatial awareness while ensuring opportunities for self-expression, exercise, and FUN!