New season, new space!

Studio B is a technique-driven, competition & recreational dance studio for children ages 7+. Our competition program consists of level-based teams, with placement done through an audition process. Our recreational classes are open to all, with a variety of class options: Acro, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, & Contemporary. Our private training program offers private & small group options.

Members of our award winning competition program train a minimum of 3 hours per week, and compete at three local dance competitions per season. Additional training and performance opportunities available.

Our teams will currently train as if we are competing in Spring, 2022. We will adjust accordingly, basing our decisions on State and County guidelines. If teams are not able to compete in the spring, rest-assured we will create equally exciting and memorable experiences for them in the form of dance concept videos, & outdoor shows.

Welcome to our facility!

3 beautiful & impeccably clean dance spaces

Private studio entrance & bathroom

Thorough COVID-19 safety procedures & policies

Outdoor Dance Studio & Indoor Dance Studio

Group classes, Private lessons & Small Group Training

5867 W 3rd Street Los Angeles, CA 90036

Entrance in the rear of building, separate from Sophie Dance

(323) 455-7314 info@sophiedancestudiob.com

COVID-19 Protocol & Policies

At Studio B, we take the safety and health of all involved seriously. We will be taking the following precautions:

  • Temperature checks for every student at the start of class with a no-touch thermometer

  • Hand sanitizer upon entry & exit

  • Limited number of students in every class

  • Dancers remain 6ft apart at all times

  • The wearing of masks and in what capacity will be dictated by the LA County guidelines- for now,

  • Masks are mandatory in common areas and optional in studios for students only

  • Dancers must come dressed and ready for class in proper attire.

  • Exclusive Studio B bathroom that is cleaned regularly.


    Shoes must be taken off before entering, and all items must be placed in a cubby.

  • Classes will be drop-off only. No parents will be allowed in the waiting area. Please drop your dancer off no more than 10 minutes before class, and pick-up no later than 10 minutes after class.

  • We are placing 15 minutes between all group classes, allowing for a thorough cleaning of all high touch surfaces in the dance studio.

    **DO NOT come to the studio if you or anyone in your household has been exposed to someone who has COVID-19 or has had a fever, cough, or runny nose within the past 14 days, or does not feel %100 well.



Competition Team Program

Be a part of our award winning teams!

Core Team Package:

  • -  $750 per trimester or $250 a month

  • -  3 hours of dance/week (Team dance, working on choreography and technique in the dance’s style + 1 hour of required ballet).

  • -  Every additional 1 hour class is $200 per trimester and 90 minute classes $250 *excluding privates.

  • -  Trimester payments are posted one month prior to the trimester change, and charged on the first day of every trimester.

  • -  Monthly payments ran first of the month, every month.

  • -  There will be additional costume charges & competition fees, which will be determined

    throughout the season.

Private Lessons:
Zoom, in-studio, or delivered

  • -  1 hour solo - $100

  • -  30 min solo- $50

  • -  1 hour duet- $70

  • -  30 min duet/trio -$35
    Studio B Delivered - We’ll bring dance to your home! Same pricing as above, plus a $40 charge for travel.

Parent & Dancer Expectation Agreement

The competition program at Studio B requires a consistent schedule commitment for the entirety of it’s 2020-2021 dance season. Dancers and parents must commit to their team class schedule from September 8, 2020 - May 29, 2021.

_________ Parent Initial _________Dancer Initial
All Team members and a parent member must set aside weekends for competitions if they are

safe and available, potentially: April 23-25 and May 21-23 in Redondo Beach. _________ Parent Initial _________Dancer Initial

Competitive Dance requires a significant financial commitment. Tuition is only a part of the cost. It is the responsibility of Studio B competitive dance parents to keep their account paid in full throughout the dance season. Inability to fulfill financial requirements can lead to the dancer being suspended from the team until account is paid in full.

_________ Parent Initial
All Studio B dancers and parents agree to commit to the dress code requirements for all classes.

This includes having the proper shoes, apparel, and hair style for all classes. _________ Parent Initial _________Dancer Initial

All dancers and parents will stay committed to consistent attendance in all classes throughout the 2020-2021 dance season. All dancers must adhere to the following attendance policy:

  • -  Excused absences: sick, family emergency, religious event/celebration

  • -  Unexcused absence: traveling, homework/studying, schedule conflict

  • -  Dancers are allowed 1 unexcused absence per class, each trimester.

  • -  Any absences beyond the allotted 1 require a 30 minute private lesson ($50) to catch up. This

    must be made up for each lesson that is missed (including Ballet classes), within two weeks of

  • -  said absence.

  • No absences are allowed the week of a competition.

  • _________ Parent Initial _________Dancer Initial

  • Our dancers and their families represent Studio B. We want to represent good sportsmanship and a fun, lighthearted demeanor in and outside of the studio. Studio B is positive and encouraging to all dancers. Studio B is drama free. Please refrain from creating it and also relinquish any that comes your way. When attending competitions, be friendly and courteous to other dancers, instructors, and dance families. Never bad mouth or talk negatively towards another dancer, studio, or instructor. The dance world is small- represent Studio B well!

    _________ Parent Initial _________ Dancer Initial
    All dancers and parents agree to adhere to the COVID-19 safety and health protocols & policies

    set forth by Studio B.
    _________ Parent Initial _________ Dancer Initial

    Dancers and parents will respect and adhere to Studio B’s communication policy:

  • -  All communication must go through proper Studio B channels, not teachers.

  • -  Studio Phone: (323) 455-7314

  • -  Studio Email: info@sophiedancestudiob.com

  • -  Direct phone/text or email communication between parents & dancers with teachers is

  • -  inappropriate and prohibited.

    If you or your dancer would like to discuss anything with your dancer’s teacher, please reach out to the studio and we will be more than happy to facilitate communication.

    _________ Parent Initial _________ Dancer Initial


I, _______________________________, parent/legal guardian of _____________________________

have read, fully understand, and agree to the 2020-2021 Studio B Parent & Dancer Expectation Agreement. I understand the following terms:

I agree to pay all class fees, competition expenses, and any other related expense involved with participating on a Studio B competition team, as set by Studio B. I understand any excessively late payments could result in my dancer not being able to participate in class.

If my dancer is absent 2+ times from class per trimester or an instructor feels the dancer is behind, a 30 minute private lesson is required ($50).

If my dancer misses a practice the week of any performance, they will not be allowed to perform.

Studio B has the right to determine if any absence(s) are detrimental to the team, and may ask the student to not participate in a performance for the benefit of the entire team.

Being a Studio B Competition Team member is a 9 month commitment from September 8, 2020 - May 28th, 2021.

We commit to following Studio B’s Communication Policy. All communication must go through proper Studio B channels (phone & email), not teachers. Direct contact via phone/ text or email between dancers/parents and teachers is prohibited. If you or your dancer would like to discuss anything with your dancer’s teacher, please reach out to the studio and we will be more than happy to facilitate communication.

My dancer and I agree to adhere to Studio B’s COVID-19 policies and procedures.

My dancer is part of a team and understands we are required to participate in every competition.

My dancer will come prepared for class.
As a family, we will represent Studio B in a positive way both inside and outside of the studio.

Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: __________________________________

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